Magna Tech Inc - Providing equipment, life support and labor services in challenging environments


Base Operations & Logistics

Our dynamic approach to complex base operations and logistical support requirements guarantees a trusted partner that can expand to meet any need. We can address your sites facilities Managment requirments by providing personel, equipment and planning to support diverse living condisitons in remote areas. 

Labor Services 
Outsourcing is a unique form of contract labor where an outsourcing business focuses on being a Human Resource service provider to broad spectrum of industires.  All categories of staff are supplied on a contractual basis, tailored to the client's needs.

MTI offers flexible, temporary and contract staffing and services to companies ranging from small to medium size businesses to large organizations.

Payroll services, automated time and attendance tracking 

 Industrial relations, staffing, employer contracts, disciplinary hearings, employee screening, pre-employment .medicals 

 Operations, recruitment, placements (perm & temp), health and safety, training, security & Back Ground Checks
















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