Magna Tech Inc - Providing equipment, life support and labor services in challenging environments

                                                   Honesty, Integrity, Dedication, Mission

Our Base Operation section has taken up the role of supporting Remote Camp Operations in the same manner as supporting a make shift town by ensuring each operation runs smoothly both for military and civilian personnel

Our mission is to provide and oversee all necessary life support functions on remote sites in order to meet the operational demands of our customer. The goal is to improve living conditions and the quality of life for people in accordance with site procedures.

Through more than thirty years of government service experience, Magna Tech has adopted the best,  management methods, technical approaches, and technologies of government and industry. Magna Tech  brings these practices directly to our customers for added value.

We fight a battle every day, our battle doesn’t involve shooting, our battle is insuring there is clean water for the showers, making sure each site is supported to a degree that our client deserves. 

We look forward to reviewing your unique requirements and developing a plan to provide our prospective client with an economical and high quality life support system by delivering quality workers, equipment and services to support your organization

Magna Tech Guarantees:

* On schedule project support
* Cost-effective process from start to end
*  Stream lined invoicing system
* Final product exceeds expecations
* Honesty, integrity, dedication to Mission
* Always a great value and support

If your organization has a need for highly skilled professionals from Engineering to General Labor or O & M Support Services please contact us with your solicitation. We are also available to meet with you to review your requirements. Contact us at

Nick Daykos
MTI - Operations Manager














Magna Tech Inc - Providing equipment, life support and labor services in challenging environments
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